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Funko Pop Pin Badge Boxes

£39.99 - £75.00

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Product Description

Based on the hugely popular Funko Pop Vinyl designs, Funko Pop pin badges are a slightly lesser known relative that deserve a much wider audience.

These beautiful classy enamelled badges can either be used as decorative display items by propping them up on the display stand included, or as traditional albeit oversized pin badges using the conventional pins which are built into the back of the badges. Generally sized between 3 and 4 inches, nobody is going to miss these sitting on your lapel!

These typically have a retail price of between £12.99 and £14.99 but an outstanding purchase enables us to offer these as a Mystery box of 6 different for the AMAZING price of just £39.99 delivered in the UK, or 12 different for just £75 delivered in the UK.

We guarantee that your 6 will include:

1 x Mystery Star Wars
1 x Mystery DC
1 Mystery Marvel
1 x Mystery Harry Potter
1 x Mystery Ghostbusters
and 1 entirely randomly themed from anywhere in the world of Popculture.

A box of 12 will include 2 of each of the above.

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