"It's what inside that counts"

A little about us and how we're able to present such amazing value in our mystery box.

The Amazing Mystery Box was launched at Comic Con London in October 2015

 It wasn't immediately obvious that we would completely sell out of stock on each of the event's three days, but we did. And then we sold out again on both days at Comic Con Birmingham.

Our claim that we offered the best value for money of any mystery box to be found at the show was met with slight incredulity.      Nobody had seen or heard of our boxes before, and our claim was admittedly bold, but finally we had our first customer. A young man was goaded into action by his group of friends. They persuaded him to take the plunge. Seeing the look on his face switch from from somewhat dazed (by the goading) to completely amazed (by the box content) was pure poetry.Within a few minutes his friends had all secured their own boxes as well. 

Before long you couldn't walk down an aisle without seeing someone carrying one.    

Our philosophy was simple. Everybody likes a surprise; especially a nice surprise, so we made sure the surprise was nice. We crammed our boxes with high grade, topical, popular, geek fuel, with value for money being our over-riding concern. Lots of people bought several boxes.   Our subscription service is based on the same philosophy.    If you choose our £24.99 box, it's likely to include a fully licensed t shirt or other item of apparel and a selection of a further two main items, for example action figures, with a further range of several middle priced items, often a mug, notebook or similar. Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Doctor Who will often feature, but essentially whatever we can source, that from our considerable experience, we know will be well received by our customers.    

To check out our claim for yourself, we invite you to try a sample box or subscribe.

"Although our subscription boxes are new, our company is anything but"

TheAmazingMysteryBox.com is the sister company of Langleys Toys in Norwich established in 1883, Scificollector.co.uk, the online division of the Collectors Centre in the Strand established in 1998, and The Television and Movie Store in Norwich (estd 2007). 

And to complete the jigsaw, the business also has a wholesale division which is the secret to our ability to cram our mystery boxes so full of goodies that they really justify the description 'Amazing'.

Over the years we have also maintained a very strong relationship with all things Doctor Who. We manufactured the Doctor Who diecasts for the new series as the official BBC licencee and also the action figures for Torchwood and the Adventures of Merlin.

From 2006 we ran the shop for the Official Doctor Who Cardiff Exhibition from until 2011, and thereafter became a supplier to the BBC's own Exhibition. And if Doctor Who is a favourite of yours, our dedicated Doctor Who subscription box is a treat not to be missed.

We have exhibited at both London Comiccon continually for over 15 years, often hosting Tom Baker's appearances at these events, and in our London store, where numerous stars of Doctor Who have appeared signing our official stamp covers and prints. 

The Amazing Mystery Box is part of Character Kingdom Limited, 10 Maxted Park, Maxted Road, Hemel Hempstead HP2 7EP     Tel: +44 (0) 1442 259 612