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Star Wars Open Megabox


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Product Description

We are continuing our new selections of Mystery Boxes with the Mystery lifted to ensure you can see the value in them, and know you're spending your money wisely.

This box includes the items laid out in the picture PLUS the stunning Star Wars Rogue One Deathstar playset. The Deathstar Playset sells for £39.99 alone on Amazon.

The 8 additional items included alongside it are also quite activity focused, namely:
Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzle
Star Wars Kylo Ren Destiny Dice and Card Game
Force Attax Trading Card Game
Imperial Star Destroyer Pocket Model and Trading Card Game
Star Wars Random Hot Wheels Blast Attack Model
Star Wars Playing Cards
Pencil with Star Wars Random Character Topper
Star Wars Kids Wallet

We offer the lot for just £49.99 all in delivered free of charge in the UK.

This is far too large to go in one of our regular boxes so will be sent under plain cover.

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