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Boardgame Bonanza without the Mystery - UK ONLY BOX


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Product Description

Boardgames and their ilk are traditionally popular when we're stuck indoors with time on our hands, and little inclination to go out.

Can you see where this is heading??

We've put together a bargain bundle of games that should keep you amused at the best of times, and serve as a welcome distraction to the national toilet roll shortage.

Shop for these on Amazon and expect to pay nearly £70.

Our special price to our customers is an Amazing £39.99 and we will add a pack of our hugely popular DRAGON AGE PLAYING CARDS

These are much too large for our regular Mystery boxes so will come under plain cover via UPS.

Here's what you will receive:

1. The Noodle Game -
2. Read My Lips -
3. Doomseeker -
4. Realism -
5. Race to the Tardis -
6. Batman Story Cubes -

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