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Sherlock Amazing 'Not so Mystery' Premium Box


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Product Description

With the giftgiving season approaching, here's a solution for the fan of all things Sherlock or Benedict Cumberbatch! This is one of our 'not so mystery' amazing mystery Premium boxes. We think if you're giving a present, you should be confident about how good it's going to be. Content is exactly as seen with three premium items, being the matching luxury scarf and beanie hat plus the DVD boxset for seasons 1 to 3, an official heat reveal mug and stylish notebook. In addition we will supply a t shirt with a choice of sizes small/2xl. All of this is just £34.99 including pp in the UK or plus our usual postage charges outide of the UK N.B. If it's a gift and you don't know which size to select, pick 'don't know' and we'll omit anything sized and include alternative item/s.

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